Friday 7th October 2022

This week in Science we investigated what happens to our heart rate during exercise. We conducted a fair test and measured our pulse at intervals before and after exercise. We then recorded our results on a table and looked for patterns. Our next step is to present our results on a line graph and see what this shows us.

Maths has found us tackling long multiplication, multiplying four digit numbers by two digit numbers. We have learnt the method and are now working on our accuracy, so lots of practice of times tables at home will really help! Get onto Times Table Rockstars using your log in stuck into your home learning book.

RE involved exploring how spirituality can be enhanced through art, specifically looking at the painting The Light of the World by Holman Hunt and considering the symbolism of light and what this means to Christians and in other religions, such as Diwali’s Festival of Light.

We used google maps and atlases to find Viking place names in History to find evidence of where they settled in Britain. We found that most Viking place names are on the Eastern coast and the North, where the Danelaw was established. However, we did find some Viking place names on the coast in the South of England and North-West Wales, showing how the Anglo-Saxons might have felt surrounded by this powerful culture.