Friday 8th December 2023

In Science this week, we learnt about the effect legal drugs have on the body, such as caffeine in coffee and nicotine in tobacco products. We learnt about how smoking is harmful to your body, especially your heart and lungs. We also learnt about how important it is to only take medicines with an adult and to take the prescribe dose. We discussed different scenarios and how we could make the right choices to keep ourselves healthy and safe (see photos below).

We have been practising dividing fractions by whole numbers (integers) in Maths. We have all made a lot of progress with our ability to calculate with fractions using the four operations.

In Literacy, we wrote a health leaflet to explain how to have a healthy diet and the importance of including the five food groups regularly on your plate. We used subordinating conjunctions to add to our sentences.

Next week: Wednesday is Christmas lunch day, so wear a Christmas jumper! Have a great weekend.