Friday 4th November 2022

Year 6 performed their Harvest Festival song with suitable gusto today – well done!

This week we began our new Literacy unit of work where we will be writing a suspense story. We began by looking examples of suspense writing and performed a short story that demonstrated a range of suspense writing techniques:

In Maths, we continued our work consolidating long division. Remember to continue to practise your times tables to help with this.

We have stuck a recommended reading list for year 6 at the back of our homework books to help you guide your reading choices at home. Try and read every day and talk about what you are reading at home. Reading will help develop your comprehension, word knowledge and your writing. It is the most important thing you can do at home to help your education.

Coming up next week: Monday 7th November we will be visiting the Amaravati Buddhist monastery to find out about Buddhism and meditation as part of our Religious Education.