Friday 4th February

It’s Number Day! We spent the day solving fun and challenging problems, such as “Escape from the Castle” – an escape room style problem where solving each puzzle unlocked the door to the next room. Resilience and determination were required for this challenge and we got there in the end!

We also shared our favourite numbers (eight seemed to be the most popular) and talked about the properties of some numbers that are seen as unlucky or lucky, depending on the culture. Many of them were prime numbers, such as 7 or 13.

Mia taught us to count to 10 in Chinese, along with the hand gestures for each number. Melissa shared her T-shirt with the Chinese characters for each number too.

Mr Meyjes taught us about the extraordinary number “pi”: a mathematical constant which occurs in every circle – you can fit the diameter three times and a bit into the perimeter of any circle! Pi goes on forever, but most people call it 3.14!