Friday 23rd September 2022

We have started rehearsing our songs for Young Voices with some poems by Spike Milligan set to music. We will be sending out the Spotify link and links to the dance videos, so do practise at home as we have a lot to learn!

In Literacy this week we have continued our journey across Africa through our key text “Africa, Amazing Africa!” We researched the wildlife that can be found in various countries and are in the middle of writing an information leaflet to persuade people to visit the continent. We learnt how to use modal verbs such as “could, should, would, will, must” in our sentences.

In Maths, we have continued our unit on place value to 10, 000, 000, including rounding numbers and negative numbers. We also used number lines and place value grids to compare and order numbers.

P.E. has been great fun with Mrs Hutchins, learning in detail the skills needed for netball, including shoulder, bounce and chest passes; and how to pivot on the post with “sticky feet”!

Coming up next week: Reception buddy assembly on Friday! We interviewed our buddies and have written a speech about them to share in the assembly.