Friday 1st March 2024

We had an engaging and interesting trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the Southbank this Monday: we had the opportunity of seeing a rehearsal for their upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet! We also took part in an acting workshop where we explored scenes from Macbeth with a professional actor. Travelling by train and the underground meant we got to explore London and walk along the Thames.

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of meeting famous author Patience Agbabi. She shared her new series of books with us, which are an exciting science fiction series about a group of children who can time travel. She inspired us to use our imaginations when we write and think “What if…” to help us come up with ideas.

Coming up next week:

World Book Day on Thursday.

Please raise money for the school library and take part in our Sponsored Read over the week, starting on Monday.

Have a great weekend!