Friday 19th January 2024

This week we have been researching the physical features of the Galapagos Islands using Google Earth as part of our Geography unit of learning. You could find out more about this extraordinary place online at home and bring in what you have found out.

In Science we worked systematically to prove the effect of adding components to an electrical circuit.

We have had a successful week calculating with decimal numbers in Maths. Our next step is to find the decimal remainder when dividing a number using short division.

We had a lot of fun this week in Literacy writing a news report about a mythical creature visiting Two Waters primary school: we imagined what would happen if a Changeling joined our class. We will be writing a formal letter to Mr Gately with our concerns. We have also learnt to use colons and semi-colons.

Coming up next week: Tuesday 3.30pm in Year 6 – writing workshop for parents and children.

Remember to practise the Young Voices songs – there is a play list on Spotify.

Have a great weekend!

The Galapagos Islands