Friday 18th November

To introduce our Science unit of learning about electricity, we were delighted to have a workshop with Mrs Ruocco, where we learnt to wire a plug, using the live wire (brown), earth (yellow/green) and neutral (blue). Remember to never wire a plug by yourself – always with an adult. We also learnt about how the two types of electricity: static electricity and current electricity. Current electricity powers our homes.

Mrs Ruocco explained that voltage is the current of electricity, like the water flowing in a stream. Amps are like logs floating along the stream, and watts are how much power the flow holds.

Mrs Ruocco also made a “Potato Clock”, using a potato and some copper and zinc wires. The chemical reaction with the wires and the acid in the potato created an electric current which powered the clock for the whole day! This is similar to how a battery works.

Many thanks to Mrs Ruocco for this experience.

Coming up next week:

We will be writing our suspense stories next week in Literacy, so have a think over the weekend about words, phrases and description your could use to make your story a powerful experience to read!

We will begin learning about fractions next week in Maths.

Occasional Day on Friday!

Have a great weekend,

Mr Meyjes