Friday 18th March 2022

This week we completed our unit of learning in Literacy that involved writing in a range of genres and learning a range of new writing techniques, such as “show don’t tell” to describe characters’ feelings and verb strings to write action sequences. The wide range of texts we have explored include clips from films such as E.T and Edward Scissorhands, and excerpts from books, such as Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror, by Chris Priestley; and Skellig, by David Almond. The children have all written wonderful stories about a children meeting a strange being in a mysterious setting, and have used powerful description to help the reader picture the story in their minds. They created their own characters, their back stories, and their own strange creatures and settings. They also edited and improved their work independently.

Maths has found us exploring the world of algebra, finding rules.

In music, we started to play recorders to accompany “If you need a friend” by Carole King, starting with A and G.