Friday 16th September 2022

Year 6 have taken on several responsibilities this week. They helped their Reception buddies learn how to collect their school lunches and eat in the dining hall. They also wrote speeches to persuade their houses that they would make good House and Vice Captains. The children that put themselves forward were very brave and should feel proud of their excellent speeches. Congratulations to:

Chess – House Captain Naariah Vice Captain Will
Bulbourne – House Captain Fletcher Vice Captain Farrel
Ver – House Captain Buster Vice Captain Sofia
Gade – House Captain Ben Vice Captain Lewi

This week we have begun our journey across the continent of Africa using the book “Africa, Amazing Africa” as our guide. Inspired by the text, in groups we wrote poems and performed them with fluency and expression:

In Maths, we have continued exploring place value up to 10 million. We have used concrete materials such as counters on place value grids to help us see the value of each digit in a number. We also explored how a Gattegno chart works in powers of 10:

We looked at historical evidence about the Vikings in History and considered whether the sources were primary or secondary and whether they were biased or reliable. We found out that the Vikings had a very significant impact on the Anglo-Saxons in Britain, at first with terrifying raids but then with full-scale invasion and settlement. Here is an Anglo-Saxon gravestone from the ruins of Lindisfarne monastery that depicts the infamous Viking raid in AD 793:

Coming up next week: new to Year 6 meeting on Tuesday 2.45pm.

Please remember to bring in your screen time diary on Tuesday to discuss in our Computing lesson about e-safety.

We will continue our writing about Africa next week, so any extra reading at home about the continent would prove a useful extension to your learning.

Lastly, please do log in to the Boom Reader app and log your reading. You should be aiming to read every day.

Have a restful (and slightly longer) weekend,

Mr Meyjes