Jubilee Day / Art Week

This week has been extremely busy in year 5 with lots of activities keeping us occupied . The children have looked at the artist Monet and his work on Impressionism. We looked into the history of art and how it is now developed into many different varieties. We focussed closely on the ‘Lily pads’ painting, which many of them chose to replicate as their final product. I have been so impressed with their attitudes to learning and the focus and growth mind-set they have shown. We may have a few future artists in year 5!!

We finish the week with our special Jubilee celebrations throughout the school. As a class I’m so grateful for all the donations of food you have brought in to help us with the celebrations. I’m sure we will all be going home with very full tummies.

I hope you all have a wonderful and restful half term, and enjoy all of the Jubilee activities that are happening.

Have fun,

Mrs Croucher