Children In Need Day

A massive thank you to you all for helping your children dress in spots for ‘Children In Need Day’. We have had many sensible and insightful conversations about the charity throughout the day and I have been very proud with how they have dealt with it all.

This week has also seen us become real life ‘scientist’. We have been exploring space within our new unit and this week we took a specific focus on the ‘phases of the moon’. I was so impressed with the prior knowledge that they children had, and they used this understanding to build a 3d model to represent the phases of the moon. Who knows, maybe one day one of our class might become an astronaut!

Just a reminder about our ‘spelling shed’ app that the children all have log in details for, please encourage them to use this to help them with their learning. It has been great to see the results of this within our weekly spelling tests.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Croucher