7th October

We have come to the end of another busy week in year 5, which has included plenty of exciting learning experiences. In our PE lesson today we took the opportunity to use some of our new ‘inclusive’ PE equipment. The children were introduced to Boccia and indoor curling, and were excited to experience a different kind of PE lesson. Within our reading practice sessions we have starting reading the book ‘I’m not a label’ which touches on topics such as disabilities and mental health. Introducing these new PE games into our lesson today, enabled many of the children to make links to other children who many need extra assistance within sports due to the book we have been reading. I was immensely proud of the way the children conducted themselves, and for how well they worked as a team throughout the mini team tournament.

I wish you all a lovely weekend, and look forward to welcoming year 5 back to class bright and early Monday morning.

Mrs Croucher