Year 4’s Week 7 (15.12.23)

We had a very busy but fantastic week! We started our DT project. We are exploring different textile designers of the past and from different eras. We are sewing cushions! We are using applique to decorate them. In Maths, we completed our learning of area and we are feeling very confident about it. In Literacy, we completed writing our persuasive speeches about the dark. We employed fronted adverbials using commas correctly. In Geography, we revisited human and physical features and used it to analyse how it has impacted our local environment. We went to KS2 playground and sketched it, labelling it with geographical vocabulary. We agreed that we are surrounded by more human features than physical. We further then discussed the reasons and it’s implications on our life styles. In Science, we explored the difference between pitch and volume. We looked at how the sound waves change to give us high pitched and loud volume as compared to a low pitched and quiet volume.

Have a nice weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Rafique