Year 4’s Week 7! (15.10.21)

What an amazing week. Year 4 has continued to impress everyone in the school with their brilliant work. We have completed our science unit of ‘States of Matter’ and to celebrate our work and consolidate our understanding, we created beautiful 3D posters of the Water Cycle! In Literacy, we produced magnificent handwriting to publish our adventure stories based on ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We also started our new literacy unit based on ‘ The King Who Banned the Dark’ and are learning about different persuasion techniques in writing. In Maths, we continued to learn 4-digit addition and subtraction using different written and mental methods. In PE, we developed and polished our gymnastic skills and performed matching and mirroring movements to develop a routine. We also finished our ancient Egyptian unit in history and demonstrated our learning by creating an informative leaflet about the ancient Egyptians. Next week is full of fun learning as we will be learning all the art and design skills to create something really exciting! Watch the space…

Kind Regards,

Mrs Rafique