Year 4’s Week 4 (30.09.22)

Incredible learning took place in Year 4 this week! We continued to explore Africa as a continent and researched specific themes, such as food, market, and music in Africa. We used expanded noun phrases and persuasive devices to inform our readers about amazing Africa! In Maths, we continued with our place value unit where we counted between the multiples and plot them on an empty number line. Science for this week was very sweet, literally! We found the melting point of chocolate and observed how temperature affects to change the solid state of matter. In History, we looked at the similarities and differences between our lifestyle and that of the ancient Egyptians. In RE, we continued to explore Hinduism and Christianity in terms of pilgrimages and it’s impact on the religious community. Exciting times ahead as we are looking forward to our Egyptian Day on Monday next week!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique

History: Discussing the similarities between us and the ancient Egyptians
Science: Determining the melting point of chocolate