Year 4’s Week 4! (25.11.21)

It has been an unusually short week! In Maths, we assessed our prior learning of place value, addition and subtraction, and perimeters. I have to say that Year 4 has stored many mathematical concepts in their long-term memory! Well done. In Literacy, we planned our big write which is a sequel to our model text ‘The Biscuit Bear’. In preparation for that, we learned how to use inverted commas. In Science, we are learning about ‘Sound’, and this week we looked into the relationship between volume and the strength of the sound wave. IN Geography, we took a mental tour of North America and learned facts about the most famous physical features, such as Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and The Rocky Mountains.  

Music is still prevailing as our most interesting subject as we continued to learn different notes using Glockenspiels. We discussed how to relax using Yoga as a strategy and practiced some new poses including the butterfly pose. Last but not the least, in Computing; we consolidated our understanding of coordinates using the x-axis and y-axis. We used the program ‘Guard the castle’ to move our guard along the x-axis multiple times.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique

Science: Investigating the relationship of volume with the strength of the vibration (sound wave)
PE: Netball
Computing: Writing code incorporating IF statements and coordinates