Year 4’s Week 4! (24.11.21)

It has been an unusually short week! In Maths, we continued applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction in real-life scenarios. It has been an amazing journey where we reflected very successfully. I have to say that Year 4 has stored many mathematical concepts in their long-term memory! Well done. In Literacy, we started writing one of our speeches, campaigning to ban the dark. In Science, we are learning about ‘Sound’, and this week we looked into the relationship between volume and the strength of the sound wave. In Geography, we took a mental tour of North America and learned facts about the most famous physical features, such as The Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and The Rocky Mountains. 

We discussed how to relax using Yoga as a strategy and practiced some new poses including the butterfly pose. We are looking forward to learning loads more next week.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Kind Regards, Mrs. Rafique