Year 4’s Week 4 (13.05.22)

What a busy week! Year 4 worked really hard this week to enhance their learning in a number of subjects. In Literacy, we wrote a Haiku poem about the relationship between our sibling characters. This linked directly with our PSHE topic which is also about relationships. We discussed the main causes of jealousy and how one can overcome it. In Maths, we are feeling confident in dealing with money. In Science, we worked hard to learn how to classify. It is time for us to create our own classification keys based on the different characteristics of living things. The highlight of the week is our Year 4 Class Assembly! All the children worked incredibly hard to put this performance together and it is quite evident that we have many talented performers in this cohort. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and encouraged our young talent to perform at their highest potential. We are fast approaching the Multiplication Tables Check. Year 4 is working extremely hard to make sure that they are spending as much time as possible practicing their multiplication fact. Please do not forget to keep practicing at home too. You can practice by visiting Remember the rule of 6 seconds. You must answer the multiplication facts correctly within 6 seconds.  

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique

Year 4 Class Assembly: Jupiter convinces parents that Romans should rule the school
Year 4 Class Assembly: Beautiful Venus shedding some words of wisdom
Year 4 Class Assembly: Roman army demonstrates how they can protect the school
Year 4 Class Assembly: Workers explaining how important they are
Year 4 Class Assembly: BOUDICA! Trying to rebel again
Year 4 Class Assembly: The Romans finally ruled the school