Year 4’s Week 3! (21.01.20)

What a jam-packed week for Year 4. In Literacy, we continued with our whole school engage and explore poetry unit and engaged in some more fantastic poems from ‘The Lost Spells’. We conducted a debate after reading ‘Heartwood’ and created posters to express our points of view. In Maths, we continued with the multiplication and division of two digits with one digit using the formal written method. In Science, we explored different ways of generating electricity. In History, we explored how the Roman army helped to expand the Roman Empire. We have expanded our topic to PE as well and are learning some moves for a Roman dance performance. Swimming went really well but the highlight of the week is the ‘Two Waters Library Launch’! On Friday, we launched our new library. Children loved looking at books and devolved into the writing world till they found one to take home. Looking forward to another exciting week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Two Waters Library Launch
Children exploring wonderful books on Two Waters Library Launch

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique