Year 4’s Week 3 (18.11.22)

Another exciting week has passed and Year 4 has done amazingly again. As usual, this week was full of exciting learning. In Literacy, we are writing non-fictional text. We are targeting our young audience this time and aiming to write a persuasive text. Hence, we are learning all those grammatical skills which would help us engage our young readers. In Maths, we continued to learn different strategies to help us finding the efficient ways to add and subtract. Science has been very LOUD as we learnt about pitch and how it has been impacted by the frequency of sound waves. We used a number of objects around us to conduct mini-investigations. In Geography, we headed out onto out KS2 playground and sketched it to instil the true understanding of human and physical features. PE has never been so much fun before! We are learning different Yoga poses as well as polishing our tagging skills.

Have a lovely week.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique

Science- Observing the pitch produced by different instruments
Geography: identifying and drawing different physical and human features