Year 4’s Week 2! (12.11.21)

What a productive week! Year 4 has been extremely busy this week in a number of great things. Using our exceptional persuasive skills, we wrote two speeches to convince people about the dark. In Maths, we learned about perimeters and investigated how to calculate perimeter of rectilinear shapes with missing measurements. In Science, we practically experienced how sound travels through different states of matter. It was too much fun, especially when sound travels through solids! You may find us calling our family members’ names in French because that is what we are learning about. In geography, we located different countries in North America and also identified their capital cities on a blank map.

PE is worth mentioning this week as Year 4 participated in a very intense netball match where both teams performed fantastically and finished at a very close score of 6-5. The last point was scored literally at the last second! It certainly gave us all a chill!

Have a lovely week.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Rafique