Year 4’s Spooky Week! (22.10.21)

This week has been exceptionally spooky in Year 4 as they are gearing up to say hello to Halloween! Despite the mysterious spookiness, all the children worked exceptionally hard. We consolidated the addition and subtraction of 4 digit numbers using a number of efficient strategies. In Literacy, we prepared ourselves to include fronted adverbials in our next big write. During this week, we mainly focussed on Art and Design where we learned and polished sculpting skills. Being inspired by our learning of the ancient Egyptians, we created magnificent sculptures. The harvest assembly was brilliant as we conquered the new technological advancements and zoomed it to your parents who enjoyed listening to our melodies harvest songs; after all, we are from the 21st century right?

Have a nice holiday.

Harvest Assembly

Kind Regards,

Harvest Assembly

Mrs Rafique