It’s Getting Chilly (01.10.21)

It has been some time since summer is over, however, we truly felt it this week! It is expected to be cold and wet till next week so bundle up well Year 4. We have had another fantastic week. We have started our new Literacy unit, ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ and conducted a very intense discussion where we asked relevant questions to enhance our knowledge. In Maths, we’ve learned a number of things from comparing 4 digit numbers to rounding them to nearest 1000. Since it is happening a lot around us, considering our Science unit of ‘States of Matter’, we conducted simple enquiries to investigate evaporation and condensation. We are all super excited about our new platform for computer coding, ‘Purple Mash’. We tested out logins and checked some facilities which are available for us. Last but not the least, in History, we carried out the process of MUMMIFICATION!!!! We performed each and every step involved in this incredible process of preservation invented by ancient Egyptians over 2000 years ago! Don’t worry, we are way kinder than them so we used tomatoes! 

Have a lovely weekend Year 4.

Kind Regards, 

Mrs Rafique.

Literacy- Asking relevant questions to enhance our knowledge