Happy Friday Year 4- March 19th

What a fantastic week we had! It has been so lovely to have you all back in the class and see you engaging in the learning. In Maths, you have worked really hard to understand and solve problems involving fractions. In Literacy we have been focussing on a variety of grammatical tools, from figurative language to multi-clause sentences. I am ecstatic so see how much vocabulary you have collected and used them to improve your descriptive writing. In history, we have also indulged into detailed discussion about the great Roman Empire and their achievements. I loved your colourful posters demonstrating the impact of Roman Empire on Britain. Furthermore, in science, you have https://www.glenerinpharmacy.com/buy-generic-cialis-online/ surprised me with your fantastic knowledge about electricity. From knowing the components of a circuit to actually constructing one, you have made me proud this week! Especially when you all constructed a circuit using multiple appliances, using a switch and to find the suitable conductors and insulators! Next week, I am very much looking forward to the Art and Design week where we will be putting our artist hat on, and will venture to create beautiful mosaics using cutting and geometrical skills based on our history theme!

I am looking forward to talking to your parents on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Have a lovely weekend!