Year 4’s Week 4! (17.03.22)

It has been a very busy week! We continued learning fractions and solved real-life problems involving them. The majority of us found them really interesting and loved investigating different fractions of a whole quantity that is greater than 1. In Literacy, we are onto our big write where we are writing a myth about the founding of a new city in Italy. Our main focus has been to use inverted commas correctly to indicate direct speech as well as to use figurative language to lure the reader in. In Science, we have learned everything that is required in Year 4 in regards to electricity. It is time to put our knowledge to the test. We will be constructing a simple device including a circuit. We designed it this week so watch the space when we will be sharing our inventions next week. In History, we learned about different types of houses introduced to us by the Romans. We also constructed a mosaic to decorate the houses.

It has been a great pleasure to see all the parents for consultations. Thank you for coming and for your continued support.

Science: Designing a simple device including a circuit

Have a lovely weekend.

Science: Designing a simple device including a circuit

Kind Regards, Mrs. Rafique