Year 4’s Week 3! (10.03.22)

Time is doing what it does best, i.e., to run very fast! We are more than halfway in completing our Year 4 journey and it’s getting better and more exciting every day. In Literacy, we have continued to learn correct punctuation used to indicate direct speech. We also planned our big write which is a myth about the founding of a new city. In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions as well as solving problems involving fractions. In History, we constructed our aqueducts using cereal boxes! In PE, we practiced survival skills in swimming. In French, we have started a new unit called Les Habitat and looked at different vocabulary that will be frequently used in the unit. In RE, we explored how Hindus show commitment to their faith and what is the role of a religious leader.  

We will have parent consultations next week and I am looking very much forward to meeting you all in person.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards,

History: Created and tested aqueducts to explore how Romans changed the face of Britain
RE: Exploring how Hindus show commitment to their faith

Mrs. Rafique