Welcome to Year 3!

What a fantastic week year 3 have had this week. I have been extremely impressed with how well they have settled coming up into KS2, they have mastered how to work in their new classroom taking ownership of their own working toolkit and tidy tray. The children have been enthusiastic through all subjects this week, they have tackled the learning with confidence, resilience and most of all they have done so with a smile on their face.

This week we started our new History unit, The Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children absolutely loved making their own toilet roll timeline about the prehistoric period. They were able to understand clearly just by how far the toilet roll ran how long ago the Stone Age period was to the present day.

We also started our science unit this week all about plants. This week we looked closely at the parts of plant by dissecting a plant. We then designed a poster explaining the functions of each part. The children particularly liked dissecting the plant as they worked scientifically observing closely and raising interesting questions.

It has been such a pleasure to teach these wonderful superstars this week and I look forward to continuing our exciting lessons next week. Watch this space for some more fun and exciting facts about the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Hurrell