Welcome to year 3!

Welcome to year 3! The children have worked incredibly hard this week. I have been so impressed with how well they have settled into the new routines of KS2. They should be very proud of themselves and so should you as they have embraced moving up to year 3 with resilience and confidence. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead!

This week the children have impressed me with their summer recounts. They took their time writing beautifully, showcasing their fantastic writing skills. They have been sharing some wonderful vocabulary during our class discussions and I am looking forward to starting our new unit based on the book Africa, amazing Africa where the children will write in a variety of genres such as poems and non-chronological reports. Watch this space for some fabulous pieces of writing next week.

In geography this week the children learned about the Earth’s layers by cutting into an apple. Through this experience children were able to understand that the Earth has four layers, inner core, outer core, the mantel and crust. Next week we will be looking closely at the structure of a volcano and will be making our own volcanic eruption.

Unfortunately my iPad has decided not to work so unable to post pictures. I will be fixing this ASAP so next week I can share with you their fabulous learning.

Well done year 3 for a fantastic first week. Keep up the incredible work.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Hurrell