Welcome to Summer! 

This week the children have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum. We are all very much excited about our trip coming up in a couple of weeks. The children are loving learning all about canals and what it was like to live and work on a canal boat in the 18th century. 

Our focus book in literacy is a very mysterious one. The children found out all about Ulf the troll or should I say Ulf the finger eater! Children have been engrossed into every chapter read so far and they have been making brilliant predictions referring back to the text. Next week in literacy we will be looking at idioms and getting in role as some of the characters in the book! Watch out for Ulf, he especially loves index fingers. Imagine going about life without an index finger! 

In maths this week we have started our new unit all about length. The children have been working really hard with resilience and cooperation. It is so lovely to see each individual work well in groups problem solving and discussing maths challenges together. 

In RE this week, we looked closely at sacred texts in Christianity and Sikhism and discussed how stories in these religions could teach us life skills. Such as the Good Samaritan and the Rich Man and the Needle. Children made clay model pieces of certain scenes in the stories and then next week they will write paragraphs about how these stories can teach us a few things. Such as helping others and helping those of different faiths and religions. The children worked really well discussing and reflecting on their discussions. 

Finally, we are so lucky to have Mrs Hutchings again teaching us rounders in PE. The children have loved her lessons so far and they have been working together showing great teamwork and sportsmanship. Watch this space for next week where I will have loads of pictures of them in action. 

Have a lovely long weekend all. 

Miss Hurrell