Volcanoes, rocks, basketball and so much more!

Year 3 have worked incredibly hard this week. They have become excellent geologists in science. They have worked scientifically during an experiment and investigated rocks and their properties. We looked at key vocabulary such as impermeable and permeable!

The last few weeks in geography have been so exciting! We learned about the structure of a volcano and we even made our own volcanic eruption which was super fun! We have also been using atlases to locate the worlds famous volcanoes which has been very interesting and the children have been fully engrossed into the learning.

In PE we are learning new skills in basketball and we are focusing on our fitness as well undertaking some very intense carousel sessions including burpees, press ups and so much more! The children have been working really hard in both PE sessions, showing great sportsmanship and control.

They have also been writing up a wonderful non-chronological report all about Aliens! Watch this space next week for some fabulous displays of their writing.

Have a wonderful weekend all.
Miss Hurrell