Sport, Science and Scooter fun!

This week the children have worked incredibly hard and they continue to impress me with how settled they have been moving up to KS2!

This week in PE the children learned the skills needed to play Netball. They learned how to bounce pass remembering how they should prepare their hands in a ’W’ to ensure the pass is effective. They also were introduced to ‘sticky step’ which is like pivoting and they will be looking more at how to move with the ball in a netball game next week.

In science this week the children looked at the 3 different rock types, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. They started by classifying and grouping rocks into properties of their choice such as smooth, bumpy, shiny and hard. They then researched and gathered information all about the properties of the different rock types.

Finally, the children had a fantastic time on the scooters and it was very impressive to see how skilful they were on them. Here are a couple of photographs of our fabulous week!

Our fantastic leaders!

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Hurrell