Set your goals!

Hola Year 3! It is really important that we take advantage of all this extra time that we have due to this situation. We have to make sure that we are not wasting time. We all are going to set goals to do each day (apart of your homework). Make sure your goals are to challenge yourself a little bit each day. Do not worry if instead of 3 you want to start with 1 goal and then you will add more when you feel ready.

For example you can start tidying up your toys and next goal will be to tidy up your room. For reading you can start reading ten pages of your book, and next day you will read 12 pages.

Eat healthier, do more exercise, do extra Maths, extra Literacy, help your little sister with her homework, spend less time in front of your ipad, xbox,TV, and more time creating a new game to improve your football skills, write a letter to thank NHS or maybe you can help to plan shopping trips and meals… These are a few ideas of goals.

I am really exited with this idea! At the end of this quarantine you will have make a huge improvement and progress not only academically but also you will learn activities in the social sphere. You will learn what have to be done at home each day, how your parents cook your food, how to organize your time and space, do your laundry or just learn to be more creative and entertain yourself.

I am really looking forward to seeing what are your goals and how full are your containers. Stay safe year 3.

Miss Olavarria