Our adventurous week!

This week the children had fun pond dipping and fished out many things such as newts! The children loved exploring in the pond and are excited to see, when the weather gets nicer, whether there will be anymore visitors to the pond.

Also this week the children have been working hard in PE. The children learned how to catch in a low position and this was quite a tricky concept to get their heads around. Knowing which leg was best to use was hard but the children all gave it a go and tried their best. They also played a game of rounders and it was lovely to see children working really well together showing great sportsmanship.

In history, the children had fun making their own paper chain timelines all about canals and how they were beneficial during the industrial revolution. The children are enjoying learning about individuals such as James Brindley and finding out facts about how many miles of canal Brindley had designed and made. We are all looking forward to our school trip on the 25th May to help enrich our learning on canals even more.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Hurrell