Magnetic forces

This week in year 3 the children have put heir scientist coats on and have worked scientifically by investigating and observing magnetic forces. This half term the children will be learning a lot about forces and magnets and will be planning and undergoing their own investigations. This week we looked at magnets and understood that they have two poles, north and south. we use language such as repel and attract and enjoyed investigating.

In computing this week the children have been learning how to respond to an email and devise their own email. The children have also been partaking in mature discussions about how we should stay safe online. This has also been discussed in our PSHE lessons, we read some cards about what we should do and what we shouldn’t do online and ranked them from most important to least important but still important. The children are aware of how to be SMART online especially on some online games.

Next week is SATs week therefore it will be slightly different for us in the morning as we want to respect those doing SATs we will be doing a lot of our learning in the outdoors. Fingers crossed for the lush weather to stay all week and we can partake in fun learning outside related to our units this term.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Hurrell