Hillfort experts!

This week has been a lovely week in year 3. In literacy we have been planning our own story based on the book ‘The paper bag princess.’ We are writing in first person as the dragon from the story. We have been looking closely at speech and using wonderful vocabulary to add great detail to our writing. I cannot wait to share these with you next week.

In history this week we looked closely at how British society changed during the Iron Age. We became Celts and made our own hillfort to protect us from enemy tribes. We worked together as a tribe to build roundhouses using natural materials such as wood and stone.

In science this week we made lots of observations based on our investigation. We are looking at what medium is best for our cress to grow either cotton wool, sand, soil or paper towel. We were very surprised when the cress started to sprout in the sand medium however over time it had changed interestingly. Children have been very intrigued with this investigation and have enjoyed making predictions and asking questions throughout the experiment.

The children have worked brilliantly this week and I look forward to our upcoming art week where the children will be painting some lovely silhouettes of the Stonehenge. Watch this space for some wonderful art work next week.

Have a lovely weekend all and see you on Monday.

Miss Hurrell

An enemy’s ‘skull’ to scare of enemy tribes!