Fishing for magnetic materials!

This week in science the children went fishing however it wasn’t your regular fishing this fishing was unique. It consisted of a rope and a magnet. The children were identifying magnetic and non-magnetic materials and by doing so they had to use a magnet to see what materials attracted and what materials repelled to help classify their findings.

This week in maths the children have started a new unit on fractions. We have been learning all about how to make a whole by adding fractions such as 3/4 + 1/4 = 1 whole. We also started looking at tenths and will continue to be looking at tenths next week and will be solving word problems related to fractions.

In literacy, the children have been busy planning an alternative chapter based on our book Ulf. Next week, they will be writing out their alternative chapter and they will also have time to edit and improve their work using key skills to support them.

The children have got a very fun and exciting week next week which consists of Art week, a school trip to the canal and the Queens Jubilee, cant wait!

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Hurrell