Educational Movies

Happy Friday Year 3!

I hope you did well first week with your home learning pack! I have received some really nice pictures of children working at home. Please keep sending emails to me, it makes me really happy to see you!

I have been researching a few films for you. Maybe you can pick a bowl of pop corns (or fruit) and sit down with your family to watch it. Movies are not only a source of entertainment but can also be a powerful medium to spread messages that you could learn from.

1.Finding Nemo: The initial scenes establish how important it is, to listen to your parents and be careful about the dangers that surround your lives. As the story progresses, it will teach you to be brave and courageous even in the face of adversity. Valuing those friends who help you when you are in trouble is also a valuable lesson this movie teaches.

2.Toy Story 2: Explains the concepts of loyalty and friendship, by expanding on the meaning of family. You will understand why ‘Woody’ finds all the old toys to be his family, even when he belongs to a different set and could lead a better life with them. And the relationship that Buzz and Woody share also teaches the importance of friendship.

3. Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory: I bet most of you watched this film, but watch it again and focus in the importance and spirit of honesty. When Charlie wins the golden ticket to enter Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, he has every chance to leak the secrets of the factory and let go of his poverty. But he stays honest and true and wins the grand prize as a result of it.

4.Wonder: This film is my favourite. It has 6 excellent lessons for life.

Don’t be afraid of difference.

Don’t follow the crowd: If following the crowd doesn’t feel right, find your own path.

Our words are powerful: they can make someone feel wonderful and awful.

Be kind to you, as well as others.

We should never judge anyone in life without taking the time to get to know who they are.

Showing respect can mean saying you’re sorry

-As one of the teachers in the movie says, if you have the choice to be right or kind, be kind.

5. Inside out: This will teach you to understand your feelings and the importance of talking with an adult about it. You will understand how you feel sometimes, why and how to act when you are feeling anxious, happy, sad, worry, excited, etc. It is a fun and nice movie.

Please send me a email talking about the movie that you watched, what did you learn and what did you enjoy the most. Would you recommend to someone else? Do you have any other film that you would like to recommend me? I am looking forward to reading your opinions about the films and to know what have you learnt about it.

Miss Olavarria