Dragon on the rampage!

What an exciting and fun filled week year 3 have had. In literacy we started reading ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. The style of writing we are looking at is newspaper reports. To start the unit we used the laptops to summarise key events of third person recounts by watching news on Newsround. We came to the conclusion that successful news reports use the 5 W’s what, where, when, who and why to organise their report. We then read some newspaper reports and identified the features. We even read a report based on Two Waters Primary school with a dragon on the loose. The children enjoyed reading the report about a dragon taking over the school and they enjoyed highlighting the key features of the text such as the 5W’s, quotes from the Caretaker and the headteacher and a catchy headline to engage the reader. Next week the children will continue to be looking at newspaper reports and will be identifying facts and opinions used in the report. We will also discuss why opinions from the journalist are used rather than just facts. Watch this space for some crazy news about Two Waters Primary School written by Year 3 Journalists!

The children have also enjoyed their new unit in Geography this week. This term we are focusing on the environmental regions of Europe. We went on a Europe hunt outside on the playground and used clues to help identify the countries within Europe. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about where countries were located in Europe and used key vocabulary such as North, South, East, and West. Next week children will be learning how to identify a country in Europe based on their features. Such as, what language do they speak, what does their flag look like and what currency do they use.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Hurrell