Deck the year 3 classroom with glitter and holly!

This week year 3 have got into the Christmas spirit with glitter and tinsel pipe cleaners. We had a great day on deco day making Christmas gift boxes, tinsel snowflakes to decorate the tree, beautiful calendars and Christmas cards. Below are some pictures of the festive creativities!

In addition, this week in guided reading we have been using magnifying glasses and we have been working really well during class discussions based on the book ‘How to live forever’ by Colin Thompson. We tried a new strategy to help us when summarising the story and the children really enjoyed this task as they all got involved and retold the story to each other well. One child was using their index fingers to time the other child as they spoke. The child who was retelling the story had until their partners index fingers met, it was a challenging task!

Have a lovely weekend all,

Looking forward to continuing the countdown to Christmas in Monday!

Miss Hurrell