Canal trip and printing techniques!

This week the children had a wonderful day at Batchworth Lock. The children enjoyed sharing all the knowledge they had learned in history all about canals and they especially enjoyed learning even more about canals. The day consisted of three activities, history, lock and roger and a boat trip. It was so lovely to hear the children enjoying every moment saying how amazing the day was. Here are a few photographs showing how much fun we had! The volunteers at batchworth lock were wonderful, they were full of fascinating information and the children were intrigued and listened extremely well. Thank you to all the adults that came with us you were all amazing and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as the children.

Opening the lock up for our fellow friends.
Watching the water slowly rise as we entered through the lock!
The victorian test! Really testing how strong our muscles are!
Pride of Batchworth
Becoming Navvies and building a canal
What it was like inside a canal boat in the 18th century!

This week in art week the children have been brushing up on their printing skills. We have been looking closely at the work of Elizabeth Catlett and her depictions of the Black-American experience in the 20th Century, which often focused on the female experience. We were then inspired to create our own portrait of identity and belonging using the technique lino printing. The children worked really hard learning the skills of lino printing such as carving and tracing. Here are a few examples of their skills in action.

The children should be super proud of their efforts this half term. They have had a brilliant term and have earned a relaxing and well deserved rest.

Have a lovely weekend and half term all,

Miss Hurrell