Ancient Greek Day

Ancient Greek day was such a success! The children took part in a number of different fun activities inspired by the work they had done on the Ancient Greeks. Children came into school dressed as Ancient Greeks and they all put in lots of effort into their costumes I was so impressed with all their outfits! 

The first activity they took part in was pottery making! The children got their hands messy making Ancient Greek potteries. The children enjoyed designing and making their potteries inspired by Ancient Greek patterns and culture. 

Children also took part in their own Ancient Greek Olympic Games. Children got stuck into the races with determination and great sportsmanship. We played games such as javelin, chariot races and running races. We then had our own Olympic ceremony where I passed down the line with very worthy gold medals for all children. 

The children also made their own wreaths using a paper plate and some leaves. They also made their own Ancient Greek wheeled toy and used their knowledge from our history lessons as to what kind of animals children used to play with. 

In the afternoon, the children were then lucky enough to make their own delicious banquet to end a fabulous Greek day. Mrs Bennett was excellent at explaining each station to the children and the end product of all three stations were Michelin star worthy. The children made their own Tzatziki, Greek Salad and they cut up their own fruits to make a wonderful fruit platter. All in all Ancient Greek day was a huge success and the children had such a wonderful day celebrating being an Ancient Greek. 

Have a lovely half term, 

Miss Hurrell