A brilliant second week!

Year 3 have been working incredibly hard this week. I have been so impressed with how well they have got on with the maths. Children have been successfully using their maths toolkits to help with their problem solving. This week we have been looking at place value and we have also been finding 1, 10 and 100 more or less of a 3 digit number. Keep up the hard work year 3!

Year 3 have also been putting their drama skills to practice. We had some successful acting skills in roll as Mr Gramzay from our focus book in literacy ‘And Tango makes three.’ The children really got into character and they were able to put themselves in Mr Gramzay’s shoes incredibly well, it was uncanny.

The children have also been very sporty this week. On Tuesday we had our second hockey session and I must say the children are working with resilience and enthusiasm. They have picked up the skills of how to hold a hockey stick and how to move around the playing field really well. We have also been working on our leadership skills in PE and how we should support one another through team building games.

All children should be really proud of how hard they have worked this week. They have worked resiliently, respectfully and most of they have worked cooperatively as a class. Keep up the fabulous work year 3 and enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend all,

Miss Hurrell