18th March 2022

This week the children have been working scientifically by investigating how they can use a periscope to allow light to travel around an obstacle. The children worked hard following the instructions to make a periscope and then investigated how a periscope works. We learned that light from an object strikes the top mirror at a 45 degree angle and bounces off at the same angle. This sends light directly down the tube and onto the lower mirror. This mirror, also at a 45 degree angle, reflects light directly to your eye.

The children have also started to plan their own newspaper report all about the true story of the Three Little Pigs. The children have been focusing a lot in how to use direct speech in their writing, especially in their reports such as using witnesses to add extra detail about the event being reported. We have also been looking closely at how we use paragraphs in our writing. I am looking forward to next week, where I can share our wonderful newspaper style reports.

The children also had there first visit to the library today. They were so excited to explore and read all the wonderful books in the library. It was a very hard choice of what to take home but the children really appreciated and took care of all the new and wonderful books in the library and are looking forward to going again next week.

Have a lovely weekend all, enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Hurrell