Week one of home learning in Year 2!

Fantastic start to home learning Year 2. I am super impressed with all of you. You have all engaged really well and its great that we can still have contact with each other and learn together through the wonderful world of technology.

Here are some wonderful photographs of Year 2 working on a science experiment.

I (Miss Hurrell) needed some help, my dog keeps knocking over my water and I needed to find the best material to help absorb all the water up quickly. So year 2 went off and experimented. Firstly we looked at making predictions of what materials we think will be best by discussing with each other online. We drew around our hands and wrote down some questions we wanted to find out to help with our investigation. We then went off and investigated and gathered our findings on a table. This helped us to come to a conclusion to which material was the best to help me clean up all that water!