Time to read – 25 March

We began our unit on Time in maths this week. The children have so far explored ‘o’clock’ and ‘half past’ and we will look at 5 minutes past this coming week. The children have worked hard at what is a tricky concept, and would love the opportunity to tell you what the time is, when at home! We had our first visit to the library this week. Year 2 enjoyed browsing the ever-growing collection of books in our new library (thank you once again for your ongoing support) and selected a range of picture books and longer chapter books to enjoy with you. In literacy, we have begun to plan our own non-chronological report and have also enjoyed the final couple of lessons of our science unit, finishing our exploration of materials. For one of these lessons, the children researched a famous scientist, using their learning from our e-safety unit in computing. They chose from John Dunlop (pneumatic tyres), Stephanie Kwolek (kevlar), Charles Macintosh (waterproof material) and Mary Sherman Morgan (rocket fuel). Next week we are looking forward to starting a new DT project (based on textiles) as well as welcoming you all to our class assembly on Friday.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine this weekend!

Mrs Hunter