Super Sporty Year two!

What another fabulous week Year 2 have had. We continued to become gardeners and looked closely at how bulbs can grow into mature plants. We have recently got some lovely new planters in which we are going to plant lots of wonderful things next week so Year 2 have the chance to make their own garden, watch this space for some fabulous photographs.
This week in PE we have worked super hard on our ball skills and we are very lucky to have some new tennis nets coming soon so we can play some tennis matches. We have also been focusing on shapes in gymnastics using our core muscles for control and balance.
I have also been super impressed with how well the children have been working in literacy this week based on our book Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. Next week we will be planning and editing our own recount so I am very much looking forward to reading all of their wonderful pieces and maybe we can share some lovely pieces on here next week.
Finally, in mathematics this week we have been problem solving and finding efficient ways to solve some challenging questions. We also started to look at some sentence starters to help us with reasoning how and why we worked something out in a particular way such as ‘I know this because…’ ‘I wonder whether this strategy is easier because…’ and many more which we will continue to focus on in the coming weeks.

Have a lovely weekend all.
Miss Hurrell