Fantastic first full week at home!

Max drumming to We Will Rock You!

Year 2 have all been fantastic this week. Everyone has worked super hard and they should all be proud of how hard they have been working at home. This week in science we did our own experiment and as a class we came up with our own investigation to see what material would be best for Winnie the Pooh’s umbrella. In Geography we researched the seas which surround the UK and then we devised a fact file about one of the seas with some interesting information. In Literacy we are building up to writing our own diary entry based on the video ‘The Lighthouse”. We have been focusing on past and present tenses and have written some wonderful descriptive pieces using expanded noun phrases. Finally, in music we are learning about Rock music, this week we used whatever we could find in our house to make our own band using colanders as drums. Here are just some snippets of Year 2’s amazing work!