6 May – Science, PSHE and PE

This week seems to have flown by, even allowing for the bank holiday! In PSHE, we have been thinking about trust. We considered what makes us trust someone (reliability, honesty, kindness etc) and what might cause that trust to be eroded (saying things that are untrue, talking about people behind their back, not caring about others’ feelings). The children worked in small groups to create circles of trust – thinking carefully about who would be in their circle of trust and who might not. In Science, we have been thinking about the lifecycles of humans and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Year 2 had great fun measuring their heights, heart rates after exercise and planning healthy meals. In PE, the children have been perfecting their jumps both on and off equipment, completing straight and star jumps. There are a few photos below!

Enjoy your weekends,
Mrs Hunter