3 December – Multi Skills PE Trip

I was so proud of Year 2 this week as we went on our first school trip. The children were very excited to be on a coach and couldn’t wait to arrive at the sports centre! Across the morning, they took part in several PE activities which also required problem solving skills too. First, they played frisbee, scoring points depending on where their frisbee landed. Next, they tried their hand at curling, sliding a ‘stone’ across the floor towards a target area. They had great fun stacking cups for their next activity, where they were challenged to build structures that were 10 cups tall. The next game required good memories and observation as teams raced to uncover giant playing cards in the correct order from Ace to 12. Finally, they played as a whole class standing in a circle, passing a ball around whilst a classmate raced around the outside to beat the ball. The children took part enthusiastically, behaved sensibly and were very respectful towards our hosts. Well done, Year 2. Pictures below!

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Hunter